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How to succeed with your New Year’s resolutions

So you want to be more active in 2019, how is it going so far?

According to the Forbes magazine only 8% of all New Year’s resolutions are successfully achieved. There is a wide variety of reasons why people fail to reach their goals. Some people set too many challenges, others don’t have a plan of how to reach their goals. And sometimes we can be a little unrealistic about the amount of time and effort we really want to invest. Many people that we see coming for physiotherapy at the beginning of January have started with great intentions. But have gone completely gung hoe into their challenge and have broken themselves in the first weeks, before they really got started.

If you want to be successful with your New Year’s resolutions this year, you have got to be SMARTA! Make your goal specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound and adaptable.


Don’t set a vague goal like “I will get fit”, because you will never know when you have achieved it. Look at what your local options are and get yourself signed up. There are so many options from wrestling to hoola hooping to disco yoga.

SMARTA goal: “ I will do 2 gym classes each week” – have a look at some alternative gym class options here:


Make sure than you can measure your progress as you are going and your achievement. You can then set milestones to reach along the way to keep you on track. And this way you can also see your goal as you approach it. There are some great organisations that can help you keep track and boost your moral along the way such as:

SMARTA goal: “I want to run 1000km in 2019” – that is an average just under 20km per week, no mean feat but when broken into a weekly target it is suddenly more reasonable.


Be honest with yourself about how much time, energy and money you have to invest in your goal. It’s pointless setting a goal for something that you cannot attain because it is too costly either financially or time wise. Don’t say you want to swim the circumference of the UK unless you have 157 days to do it (plus training), like Ross Edgley who completed this challenge in 2018. See his amazing story here: Do some research, and your are bound to find something that is achievable and that excites you!

SMARTA goal: “I want to complete The Swoosh 6km swim” – with the average completion time counted in hours not days!


Make it a goal that you are really excited about. If you want to get fit but hate the gym don’t set that as your goal. There is so much choice of other activities to do. You can do dance classes, a fancy dress cycle event, enter your first tennis competition, or learn a martial art.

SMARTA goal: “I will walk the London Loop” – this is a walking route around London that can be done in 24 segments see:


You need to set yourself a deadline. Don’t find yourself at the end of 2019 setting the same goal for 2020 because the year flew by.

SMARTA goal: “I will go to the local Kayaking club when they run their taster session for beginners in May” – have a look a all the options you can try:


This is my addition to the standard SMART goal. Life happens and rarely does a plan go perfectly smoothly, so have a plan B, and maybe even a plan C up your sleeve just in case.

SMARTA goal: “Climb each of the three peaks over 3 weekends in the summer” – book in your challenge but have back up dates so if the weather is terrible on those weekends you have a plan B.


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Feel good. Move well. Be better!


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