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Pilates for beginners

Pilates is a great form of exercise that can be personalised to your specific needs and ability. Whether you trying to build up strength following giving birth, an operation or just wanting to get fitter, Pilates for beginners is a great place to start. Being a non-impact exercise it is a very safe way to start strengthening, with the added benefit of improving your body awareness, quality and coordination of movement and balance. To find out more about the benefits of Pilates please go to our Advice Centre and read our article “Benefits of Pilates”.

What to expect from your first class?

At Flawless Physio we focus on making Pilates specific for you. We therefore only do one to one or one to two classes. Your first class will be one to one so we can get to know you, assess your strength and flexibility and discuss what goals you aim to achieve.

A fundamental of Pilates is being able to activate your core muscles, which are deep muscles of your abdomen, and being aware of the position of your pelvis and lower back. Once you have gained this skill, you will be progressed through different movements during which you will aim to maintain control of your pelvis, lower back and activity of the deeper abdominal muscles.

What shall I wear?

You will need to wear comfortable clothes that you are free to move in, such as loose fitting and flexible shorts or leggings. A lot of the benefits of Pilates come doing from movements that lengthen your muscles, so you don’t want your clothing that may limit you.

Pilates is about body awareness so it is ideal to practice without shoes on, so you can feel the pressure going through the sole of your feet. Some people prefer to be barefoot and others with socks. If you prefer wearing socks, you should wear those with rubber grippers on the sole, to prevent any slips.

The benefit of doing a one to one class at Flawless Physio is that you will have our undivided attention to ensure you start with the best technique. We can also answer any questions that you may have and explain any elements that you find difficult to grasp. We want you to enjoy the session and realise the benefits that Pilates can have for you.

Move Well, Feel Good, Be Better!