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Hip Flexor Pain Running

Hip pain is common among regular runners, whether recreational, competitive, or elite. Hip flexor pain refers to pain at the front of the hip, in the hip flexor tendon. It typically refers to one or all of 3 specific muscles and their tendons: iliacus, psoas, and rectus femoris, the primary hip flexors. However, hip flexor…

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How Do I know if I Need Orthotics for Running?

Orthotics are a form of shoe inserts that can be custom-made, and some orthotics are prefabricated. Their use ranges from providing additional comfort and cushioning to your shoes to influencing your biomechanics. If you are running and getting foot or knee pain, you might need orthotics. Orthotics have been proven effective in treating common running…

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Should you stretch before running?

In our clinic, it’s common that we hear phrases such as, “Should I be stretching before running?” or “I don’t understand, why have I injured myself again? I do my stretches regularly before every run!” These are very common questions we get in the clinic from runners. If you have been wondering about the same…

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