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How To Sleep With A Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder is a painful condition affecting the mobility of the shoulder. It can develop spontaneously or follow trauma to the shoulder. The shoulder will gradually become less mobile, less able to reach overhead, out the side and rotate in either direction. Sleep can be very problematic as the shoulder is painful in many…

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Bankart Lesion

A Bankart lesion is an injury to the anterior part of the shoulder labrum. This cartilage ring forms part of the shoulder joint socket on the scapula. Injury to this cartilage is common with athletes who perform overhead activities, such as bowlers and pitchers, and those who play racket sports. It is also a common…

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Shoulder Pain Diagnosis Chart

There are many types and locations of shoulder pain, and there are many causes. Here, we have shown the most common musculoskeletal causes of shoulder pain on a front shoulder pain diagnosis chart and a back shoulder pain diagnosis chart. The images depict the common area where pain is felt for different shoulder conditions. We…

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