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Sports Massage at Flawless Physio

Flawless Physio is a premium provider of Sports Massage in London. All of our Sports Massage Therapists are passionate about sports and helping people recover from training and sporting events. Our therapists are highly skilled and confident in their ability to find the right mixture of pressure application, stretching, and soft tissue massage to help with your muscle tension and sports injuries.

If requested, your sports massage therapist will provide a sports stretching plan that is specifically tailored to your given sport rather than generic exercises. They can provide advice on stretching routines, use of a massage stick, and foam rollers, when to use heat or ice application, and how long to use them for. This helps to reduce your risk of re-injury or injuring another part of your body due to compensation patterns.

What to Expect from Your Sports Massage?

  • Please arrive at the time of your Sports Massage Appointment.
  • Your Sports Massage therapist will take note of your history and what you would like to achieve from your Sports Massage Appointment.
  • Your Sports Massage appointment will take place in a professional, relaxing environment.
  • We offer Sports Massage and Deep Tissue massage, so please note that these massages are not like Swedish massage that is for relaxation purposes.
  • There is a 10-minute spacing between each appointment to ventilate the rooms and to allow a thorough sanitisation of the treatment room.

Our Sports Massage Therapists

It can be confusing when trying to find the right massage therapist. There is an array of qualification levels and durations of study.

We only hire massage therapists with at least Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage. This is an internationally recognised qualification that educates graduates in the delivery of sports massage, deep tissue massage, and soft tissue healing. It also provides in-depth anatomy, physiology, and lifestyle training.

Sports Massage London

How much does a Sports Massage?

Our therapists are extremely highly qualified and, therefore, provide exceptional value for your money in a clean, professional environment. Our prices are as follows:

60-minute Massage: £85
45-minute Massage: £70
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What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a hands-on treatment using various massage techniques to address tightness, restriction, and soreness. Sports and Deep tissue massage therapies help to maintain healthy tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.

Sports Massage is a commonly used recovery strategy for the relief of tension and tightness from any sport. Despite its name, deep tissue massage can be used to address non-sport-related issues too. Working at a desk can take its toll on the body and deep tissue massage can help release tension from stresses and strains of long sitting hours. Problem areas are addressed with deep pressure application, trigger point, myofascial release.

Regular massage is recommended. The frequency of sports massage can be dependent on how often you exercise, if you sit for very long hours at work or if you are keen to maintain your general health and fitness.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

1: Increased Muscle Blood Flow

Increasing blood flow to a muscle assists with recovery, decreases pain levels, and helps to reduce lactic acid in a muscle. During sport or activity, lactic acid naturally builds up in a muscle which is helpful during use. Still, once you stop the activity, the remaining lactic can cause muscle soreness and tightness.

A sports massage helps increase blood flow to the muscle, flushing out the lactic acid and associated toxins and improving recovery time.

2: Increased Muscular Flexibility

The long deep strokes associated with a sports massage help to increase blood flow and warm up the muscular tissue. These deep massage strokes invigorate the muscle, and a warm muscle with greater blood flow is more pliable, allowing for a more significant stretch at the end of the sports massage.

All sports massages conclude with static stretching—your therapist assists in lengthening the muscular tissue.

3: Reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)

When carrying out exercise, especially at speed or for extended durations where the tissue is placed under stress, it causes a mild breakdown of the muscle fibres and the production of lactic acid. This combination results in DOMS that can last for 24-72 hours, reducing performance and making life generally uncomfortable.

Increasing blood flow through sports massage encourages essential muscle nutrients to facilitate recovery, flushing out toxins and lactic acid associated with DOMS.

4: Decreased Stress

Sports massage is beneficial for reducing emotional and physical stress. It allows the patient time to relax and forget the daily stresses of work life or their sporting career. Sports massage is usually done in a relaxing, peaceful environment with a highly trained Sports Therapist.

Evidence demonstrates that emotional stress increases muscular tension, so regular sports massage reduces overall stress levels and the risk of injury.

5: Improved Performance

For an individual to perform at the best of their ability, they need to be on the field or in the arena consistently. For this to happen, the need to be injury free.

Regular sports massage aids recovery and reduces injury risk and stress levels; it allows athletes to perform consistently without spending time off the pitch in the Physio room.

What should you wear to a sports massage appointment?

Your therapist may recommend removing your top for sports and general massage to the upper body. A bra can get in the way of a massage around the neck, shoulder, and upper back. In most cases, a regular bra, rather than a sports bra, can be unfastened at the back when you are lying on your front, or a thin strapped vest top can be easier to work around as the straps can be taken down.

Most sports bras will have a tighter fit and cover more area, so it can be more challenging to massage around or move out of the way. It is often easier to treat without a bra on, and if you feel comfortable lying on your front without one, you can do this and use a towel over your chest if you need to lie on your side or back. Usually, you will be offered, or you can ask for a towel to cover your chest to move between positions.

What Should I Wear for Lower Body Massage?

For sports and general massage to the lower body, including the legs and lower back, your therapist may suggest you remove your trousers but keep your underwear and top on. Often, loose-fitting shorts will be provided, or the therapist may use towels to cover you, so they can work on your legs without you feeling too exposed or uncomfortable. This way, they are less likely to get oil on your clothing.

Do I have to Undress for a Massage?

You should always be given privacy to change or undress. If you feel uncomfortable with the amount of clothing, you are asked to wear or remove, always let your therapist know. They will be able to recommend alternative options for you so that you can feel comfortable. Massage can also be done through thin, flexible clothing or through a towel if you prefer.

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