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What is IT Band Syndrome

What is the IT band Syndrome (ITBS)? The Iliotibial Band is a very strong structure which is confusing as it is not definitively a tendon, ligament, or a dense fibrous connective tissue like plantar fascia. In reality, it is all three. It is a tendon by definition because it connects a muscle, the tensor fascia…

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How to avoid injuries or manage them during your marathon training

Whether it is your first marathon, or you have been doing them all your life, it is inevitable that you will pick up some form of niggle or injury. Learning to manage them is crucial in ensuring that you get the most from your training and spend less time in the physio room. So, let’s…

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3 tips for choosing your running shoes

Get your feet measured It is always of great surprise to hear that people don’t know their exact foot size. “I’m a 6 UK in some shoes, 7 in another”. When asked what width their foot is, it is extremely rare that I meet anyone that knows the answer to this at all. Both of…

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