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Common Running Terminology

Are your relatively new to running or have you just joined a running club for the first time? Are you nodding and smiling along to lots of new lingo so that you don’t appear to be out of place? It’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Here are a list of the most common running phrases…

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3 running technique tips to help reduce injury risk

Cadence Cadence is how many steps you take in a minute, which is something of much debate. As Physio’s, we we can rely on valid evidence that monitoring cadence can reduce injury risk. To be specific, it has been shown that the optimal step count is 171-80 steps per minute. This can half your risk…

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3 common mistakes when marathon training

Cross training A typical marathon training programme consists of a long run with two shorter ones during the week. If you are doing a marathon for the first time, then running 3 times a week can cause an overload, which may result in injury. A great option is to add in a non-impact cardio vascular…

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