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Why should you have Foot and ankle treatment At Flawless Physio

James McCormack is a leading Foot and Ankle Physiotherapist in London. He has written over 500 articles on ankle and foot physiotherapy conditions and treatment approaches for injuries such as a sprained ankle, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions and Morton’s Neuroma. 


An initial Physiotherapy appointment with James is 45 minutes in duration. This allows for a thorough examination and treatment and allows James time to create a custom foot rehabilitation programme for you.


We assess the mobility, strength and stability of your foot and ankle, which includes testing ligament laxity.


In most cases, we can diagnose your pain in your initial appointment, but a minority of cases require a referral for an MRI or ultrasound scan. We can organise this for you, or if you need to see an orthopaedic consultant, we have a list of consultants we work closely with.


Once we have a diagnosis, we will discuss a treatment plan for you. This may involve soft tissue massage, taping or adding extra support inside your footwear for pain relief.


We will run through the best foot and ankle exercises to address your condition, followed by exercise videos with repetitions, sets and frequency attached.


Follow-up appointments with James last 25-30 minutes to reassess clinical progress and to provide exercise progressions.

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Why Choose a Foot & Ankle Specialist

We have seen thousands of foot and ankle conditions in our clinics over the years, which helps us to quickly identify symptoms and movement patterns of most conditions. A speedy diagnosis means you can begin the correct treatment immediately rather than trying a trial-and-error approach for an inexperienced clinician.


We see a lot of patients for second options on their pain due to no previous improvements or recommendations from the consultant. This makes us familiar with a lot of unusual and uncommon conditions. 


We have specific exercises designed to isolate and strengthen your foot and ankle to reduce the risk of recurring injuries such as ankle sprains and tendon subluxations.


In addition to our diagnostic and treatment skills, we can carry out 3D scanning and Foot Pressure Plate analysis and create custom insoles for patients.


James has written over 50 articles on the best shoes for different foot and ankle conditions; this is a vital part of recovery for many patients.

James McCormack | Knee Foot and Ankle Specialist

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Most Common Foot & Ankle Injuries we see

Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition that affects the heel bone and the underside of the foot.


Bunions are a condition that causes pain at the base of the big toe and a deviation of the position of the big toe away from the midline. Interestingly there is a significant genetic link associated with this condition.


Achilles Tendonitis is a common condition in runners that causes pain at the back of the ankle joint, leading to pain after exercises and first thing in the morning.


Morton’s Neuroma causes pain, numbness and tingling in the ball of the foot. It affects the 3/4th toes most often, but it can affect any webspace in the forefoot.


Metatarsalagia is another condition affecting the forefoot that causes inflammation and irritation of the metatarsal joints. It is often misdiagnosed as Morton’s Neuroma.


Peroneal Tendonitis affects the Peroneal tendons that sit on the outer aspect of the ankle and tendon. These can be overloaded with running and walking, especially with high arches.


Posterior Tibial Tendonitis affects the long Posterior Tibial tendon that runs inside the ankle and into the foot’s arch. Weakening of this muscle can lead to an Adult Acquired Flat Foot.


A Sprained Ankle is the most common injury affecting the foot and ankle. Most of these cases settle on their own, but there can be complications, such as a fracture of the anterior process of the calcaneus.


We always recommend seeking medical advice from a healthcare professional rather than self-diagnosing a foot injury.


We offer Private Physiotherapy via Online Appointments for £70 and Face-to-Face appointments for £90 in our clinics.


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020 8785 2232Book Online Email