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Peroneal Tendonitis Taping

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Peroneal Tendonitis taping provides effective relief from outside ankle pain. It shortens the tendon to reduce its workload through the gait cycle. It is one of the most effective forms of pain relief for this condition, and it is easy to apply yourself. 

We recommend using zinc oxide tape as it is a rigid form of tape that holds the ankle in place for up to 4 days at a time, and it can get wet without affecting its integrity. 

We do not recommend using KT Tape for this condition as no evidence supports its use. From a practical perspective, it is stretchy and, therefore, unlikely to support the outer ankle like a rigid tape can. 

Below is a video of how to perform self-taping for Peroneal Tendonitis that I created for our patients: 

Taping Method:

  • Begin using one strip of tape to go around your ankle to create an anchor. Pat it down on the sides to make sure it’s secure.
  • Place a strip on the inside of your ankle just over the Bony aspect of your ankle, and underneath your heel, pull up on the opposite side. Turn your ankle outward, that’s important and then slowly apply the tape, ensuring all aspects are pressed down.
  • The next piece goes at a slightly diagonal angle, crossing over the tape at the bottom and then towards the front when you come across to the outer aspect of the ankle. It’s okay if it extends beyond where your anchor is.
  • The next piece goes in the opposite direction underneath the heel again and should pull up to the back of the ankle, making three secure anchors to shorten the Peroneal tendons and take the pressure off them.
  • From this point, we pat down all the edges to ensure it’s secure, and then we place a final anchor back around where we began. 


We are specialists in treating foot conditions such as Peroneal Tendonitis, and you can see one of our Foot and Ankle Specialists in our clinic in Fulham, South West London. 

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