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Watt are they talking about?

A-Z of Cycling Terminology Do you ever feel that you are missing some of what the “cool’ cycling kids and talking about? Well, read on for an A to Z of cycling terminology. A – Aero A position on the bike that makes you more aerodynamic or reduces the effect of air drag. The faster…

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Leg Strengthening Exercises for Cyclists

Cycling is an endurance sport and many people shy away from strength training in exchange for more time in the saddle. However, there is endless research to support that an extra hour or two in the saddle may not be as good use of your time as two or three, 30-45 minute gym sessions per…

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3 Post Cycling Stretches

Before and after exercise is a great time for cycling stretches. Pre-exercise: the aim of stretching and mobility exercises is to prepare your body for what is to come. You want to warm up and loosen up any stiffness in order to put your body in the best position for your training session or race….

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