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Exercises for Flat Feet

Flat Feet are medically known as pes planus. They can be genetic, or you can develop flat feet over time. Adult-acquired flat feet are the result of muscle weakening over a period of time. We created this article to provide exercises you can use to improve the strength of your feet. Below are the best…

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Ankle Mobility Exercises

Mobility of the ankle joint plays a vital role in most of our daily activities, such as walking, using the stairs, transitioning from sitting to standing and crouching down. Several factors can contribute to a reduction in the range of movement of the ankle joint; in most cases, ankle mobility exercises can rectify these issues….

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10 Signs You May Have A Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition of the ball of the foot in the web space of the 3rd and 4th toes. It can be a debilitating condition that reduces your physical activity level due to the intensity of the symptoms. Morton’s Neuroma is more common in middle-aged women, and a UK study found a…

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