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Should you stretch before running?

In our clinic, it’s common that we hear phrases such as, “Should I be stretching before running?” or “I don’t understand, why have I injured myself again? I do my stretches regularly before every run!” These are very common questions we get in the clinic from runners. If you have been wondering about the same…

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Osteopathy vs Physiotherapy

Osteopath vs Physiotherapist: Key Differences There is often a lot of confusion about what Physiotherapy and osteopathy offer. In this article, we aim to explain the main differences between two professions that may look similar but are pretty different. Origins of the professions Osteopathy was born in America in the late 1800s. A medical doctor…

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Ski Fitness : Ski Fitness Training

Are you well-equipped for your next winter holiday? Snow sports lovers worldwide are looking forward to hitting the slopes again this winter. Whether you are a snowboarder or a ski fan, this long-awaited period must have felt like an eternity. Finally, that familiar feeling of those tight ski boots, the joy of being the first…

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