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Housemaids Knee: Prepatellar Bursitis

What is Housemaids Knee? Housemaids Knee is a painful condition involving the anterior part of the knee resulting from an inflammation of the pre-patellar bursa. It is often referred to as “carpenter’s knee” or “prepatellar bursitis”. Depending on the severity of the pathology, a lump may be visible on top of your knee cap as…

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Gluteal Tendinopathy Running

What is a Gluteal Tendinopathy? This condition refers to pain at the outer side of the hip joint. It is often referred to as greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Gluteal Tendinopathy can become quite painful and disabling during and after sports or normal daily life activities such as long walks. Gluteal Tendinopathy tends to affect women…

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Ski Fitness : Ski Fitness Training

Are you well-equipped for your next winter holiday? Snow-sports lovers around the world are looking forward to once again hitting the slopes this winter. Whether you are a snowboard or a ski fan, this long-awaited period must have felt like an eternity. Finally, that familiar feeling of those tight ski boots, the joy of being…

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