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What is Iliotibial Band Pain?

What is the iliotibial band (ITB)? The ITB is a very strong structure which is confusing as it is not definitively a tendon, ligament or just a dense fibrous connective tissue. In reality it is all three. It is a tendon by definition because it connects a muscle, the tensor fascia lata, to bone. It…

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Exercises for calf strains

Calf Strains are an injury that plagues runners but they are also consistently found in all sports that require rapid transitions of speed. There are a number of factors that can influence why someone gets a calf strain. It is important to get a correct diagnosis from a health professional before beginning any of these…

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What are the best exercises for Achilles Tendinopathy

The truth is that all forms of resistance training are good for your Achilles tendon. There are two specific types of programmes that have the most research behind them. Alfredson’s eccentric (ECC) loading programme which can be done at home and a heavy load slow resistance (HLSR) training programme that requires access to gym equipment….

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