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Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

We discuss the best plantar fasciitis exercises in this article. Before this, if you would like to learn more about plantar fasciitis, read our article: What is Plantar Fasciitis. We know that the plantar fascia is a passive structure on the sole of your foot which means that it can’t contract like a muscle can….

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What are the best Patellar Tendinopathy Exercises

Patellar Tendinopathy The names Patellar Tendinopathy, Patellar Tendonitis, and Jumper’s knee are all used interchangeably. Patellar Tendonitis is a very painful injury that causes sharp pain at the front of the knee, typically where the Patellar tendon attaches to the patella. It is less commonly found in the mid-portion of the patellar tendon. If you…

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What is IT Band Syndrome

What is the IT band Syndrome (ITBS)? The Iliotibial Band is a very strong structure which is confusing as it is not definitively a tendon, ligament, or a dense fibrous connective tissue like plantar fascia. In reality, it is all three. It is a tendon by definition because it connects a muscle, the tensor fascia…

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