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Hip Pain Running

Hip injuries are relatively uncommon in runners. In fact, the overall prevalence is only 10% as opposed to 50% for knee injuries. However, hip injuries can be related to several factors and should be diagnosed promptly for effective management. Lets take a look at different conditions that can lead to hip pain running. Hip Pain…

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Knee Brace for Skiing

What is a Knee Brace? A knee brace for skiing is a support tool that is usually made of combined elastic materials, such as neoprene, plastic and foam. This normally helps by: providing structural support to prevent further damage to an injured knee favoring healing processes by limiting knee range of movement alleviating pain and…

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Cross-country Skiing following Total Knee Replacement

Cross-country skiing is a popular sport in Scandinavian countries. Its popularity has increased all over the world, as it is a complete body sport that can exercise several joints with little chance of injury. Interestingly, it has been reviewed that a return to downhill skiing is deemed higher risk for a novice skier than those of advanced…

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