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4 Great Pre Ski Exercises

Squats and squat side jumps

An obvious choice seeing as you are pretty much in a squat all day when you are skiing. You can do squats in a wide range of styles from a static wall sit, to dynamic squats, straight up and down or side ways, to jump squats. Work on a range to keep things interesting but be sure to include a side jump squat which will really test you in preparation for your days of slalom ahead. The squat works the quadriceps and glute muscles, as well as your hamstrings and the calf complex so it is a great all-rounder and rightly so top of the list.


The lunge is really a variation of the squat which works each leg differently. The back leg gets a good stretch through the quadriceps as it works. This is great to prevent the quads muscle getting tight and shortened. The forward leg works the gluteal muscle similarly to how doing a single leg squat would. Lunges can be done in a forwards straight line, out to the side or diagonally, walking or jumping so mix things up to get the most out of it.

Plank & side plank

You will be carving up the slopes with smooth and controlled turns if you have a strong core. A great way to get your core stronger is by doing the plank exercise. Keep it varied to target more of your abdominal muscle. You can do the standard as well as side planks and the more dynamic rotating planks. Try holding a forward plank for 1 minute and repeating with a left side plank and then right side plank. Progress by doing 3 repeats then by increasing the time you can hold your planks for.

Toe lifts

The muscle along the front of your shin is the tibialis anterior and works to lift your toes towards your shin so in the ski boot it will keep your in contact with the front of the boot which is important for better control. Toe lifts can even be done sat at your desk alternately lifting your left and right foot and tapping back down or if you are beyond this level add resistance bands.

And don’t forget the cardio…

You will be skiing most of the day, and most of us do not exercise most of the day the rest of the year. So, you will need to be fit with your cardiovascular system to have the endurance to ski to your hearts content!

See our YouTube channel for how to do these exercises here.

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