Best Hoka Shoe for Flat Feet by Foot and Ankle Specialists
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Best Hoka Shoe for Flat Feet

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As foot specialists, our patients ask us for recommendations on footwear. This article will provide our recommendations on the best Hoka Shoes for Flat Feet based on 10 years of experience.

This article will provide our Foot and Ankle Specialists’ recommendations for the best Hoka Shoes for Flat Feet. We have purchased all these shoes for testing and taken our own photos and videos to provide genuine recommendations as experts in this condition.

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Best Hoka Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis

Hoka Arahi 6

Picture of the Hoka Arahi 6

The Arahi 6 is one of Hoka’s two key stability shoes. It has a J-Frame that runs along the inner aspect of the shoe’s sole to provide support all along the shoe as opposed to most shoes that provide medial posting or medial arch support.

The Arahi’s thick midsole is made of CMEVA foam, a firm but durable sole that provides durability without the additional weight you might see in shoes such as the Asics GT-2000.

The Arahi 6 has a 5mm heel drop, so there is an even force distribution across the shoe’s sole. Hoka offers a normal and wide fit to accommodate different foot shapers, and we would recommend it to those who need low to moderate levels of support for flat feet.

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Hoka Gaviota 4

Picture of the Hoka Gaviota 4

The Gaviota 4 is Hoka’s most stable shoe and is perfect for those needing considerable footwear support. Like the Arahi 6, the Gaviota has a J-Frame support in the sole to provide stability throughout the shoe.

The Gaviota has a softer, more cushioned sole than the Arahi 6, which makes it less responsive and slightly heavier when running.

The Gaviota 4 has a late-stage metarocker to allow for a better push-off phase of the gait cycle. We recommend the Gaviota 4 for those who want a supportive, cushioned ride that is less responsive than the Arahi 6.

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