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Orthotics for Bunions

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Experts in the prescription of insoles for bunions in London

Orthotics for Bunions

We are specialists in the treatment of foot pain in London. We design orthotics for bunions through the expert assessment of your foot structure, biomechanics and whole-body movement as all of these factors can influence the cause and persistence of bunions. 


During your assessment, we will discuss what causes bunions. We take a full-body approach to look at all the factors that may be causing your bunion pain. Conservative management such as exercises, correct footwear, and orthotics have been shown to be extremely effective in the management of bunion pain.


We use cutting-edge 3-D scanning technology to provide precision imaging of your foot enables us to design custom insoles for bunions. We carry out an extensive biomechanical assessment including slow motion gait analysis as this can detect what movement patterns are causing the development and progression of a bunion. We have an extensive range of custom orthotics that can be shaped and sized for any foot and designed to fit into any type of footwear.

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Insoles for Bunions

Insoles that you can buy in a shop are mostly for comfort. They can provide additional cushioning that gives bunion pain relief. However, these do not address the biomechanical cause of bunions. Insoles do not slow the speed of change in a bunion. Custom insoles reduce pain and address the causes of bunion pain. Insoles for a shop usually last 6-8 weeks before losing their cushioning while a custom insole for bunions can last up to 5 years.


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Do insoles cure bunions?

Custom insoles can help bunions by stopping the cause of bunion deformity. They do this by addressing faults in foot biomechanics. Any change within the big toe joint can only be rectified by surgery such as a bunionectomy but this is only recommended as a last option. Custom insoles can reduce pain levels and help the cause of pain.


How much do orthotics for bunions cost?

Biomechanical Assessment: £125
Custom Orthotics: £265

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Can Orthotics Help with Bunions?

Orthotics can help to mechanically offload the big toe joint and help bunions by reducing pain levels. Unfortunately, this does not correct any changes that have occurred but orthotics can help reduce the speed and risk of bunion deterioration.

Can you realign bunions without surgery?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to correct any alignment changes that occur as a result of a bunion without surgery. Custom Orthotics and corrective footwear can help reduce the speed of further changes but do not realign bunions.

Can bunions grow back?

If bunions are caused by biomechanical issues and these are not addressed with exercises, orthotics, and corrective footwear, then a bunion can return. It is recommended to have a consultation with a foot specialist to address the cause of a bunion after surgery.

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