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The terms insoles and orthotics can be used interchangeably. All of our custom orthotics and insoles are bespoke. Our bespoke insoles are tailored for any specification, for all conditions and types of footwear. This allows us to optimise levels of support, thickness, and length of your orthotics to fit any shape foot or shoe.

Bespoke orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts that provide extra support for your feet and are designed to help with common foot problems. Custom orthotics are highly recommended for people with poor foot and ankle stability, specific foot and ankle conditions, knee pain, or hip pain. There are many different orthotics and insoles (off-the-shelf inserts) on the market today. All orthotic devices work differently depending on their purpose.

How we carry out our Biomechanical Assessment

  • A discussion with a specialist of your symptoms and the reason for your visit
  • Assessment of flexibility, strength, and mobility of all relevant joints and body parts.
  • Slow-motion captured, gait-analysis.
  • 3-D foot scan for precision measurement
  • Discussion of findings, custom insoles, and how we can help.

If you would like to understand more about how we carry out our assessments to decipher if an orthotic is appropriate for you, then please have a look at our Biomechanical Assessment page.

What conditions do orthotics help with?

Click on the headings below for more in-depth information on how our insoles can help with different conditions.

Pain on the heel of your foot is one of the most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Symptoms are often worse first thing in the morning, increase during activity, and lessen as the patient warms up. Click on the title to learn more.

  • Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis symptoms include pain behind the ankle bone and can be anywhere along the Achilles tendon often fives pain during or immediately after exercise while it is less common to give pain at rest. Achilles Tendinopathy pain is worse first thing in the morning.

The most common symptom of flat feet is pain caused by strained muscles and ligaments. If you can’t walk without pain, flat feet may be contributing to your discomfort. The arch of a foot can flatten over time as muscles weaken or one can have a genetic flat foot. Click on the title to learn more.

A bunion is a bony bump at the joint of your big toe and a deviation of your big toe. The tip of your big foot is pulled towards the smaller toes, causing the joint at your big toe’s base to protrude. Click on the title to learn more.

  • Insoles for Shin Splints

Shin splints refer to pain in the shin bone (tibia) and can be a problem for runners, dancers, and military recruits. It is typically painful on impact activities with little to no pain at rest or at night. Insoles help to redistribute the force and ease the pain from shin splints.

Metatarsalgia causes pain and swelling in the heads of the metatarsals of the foot. Insoles can significantly help in reducing pain levels in Metatarsalgia but optimising foot movement. Click on the title to learn more.

Morton’s neuroma is a swelling of the digital nerve in the web spaces of your feet. It occurs most often between toes 2-4. Insoles can significantly help with pain levels and correct the cause of the issue. Click on the title to learn more.

Bunions are deviations in the position of your big toe. It can be a genetic predisposition or you can slowly develop bunions mechanically over time. Insoles can change the speed of change in a bunion. Click on the title to learn more.

  • Leg Length Discrepancy

When one leg is shorter than the other, a person might have to work harder to compensate. This compensation can lead to muscle compensation on your knee, hip, and back.

What type of Custom Insoles do we provide?

We can make custom insoles for any sport, activity, or medical condition. Below, are an example of some of the custom insoles we can make for you.

Running Orthotics

Custom Running Orthotics | Flawless Physio

Our custom sports orthotics are designed to support the additional force applied through your foot when moving at speed. They are semi-rigid with an element of flex to provide shock absorption.

They typically work best in a neutral trainer and they fit in walking shoes, and boots. They are perfect for recurring sports injuries.

Orthotics for Walking

Custom Walking Orthotics | Flawless Physio

Our walking orthotics are designed to provide moderate support and stability but are thinning allowing for a better fit in tennis and walking shoes. Our walking foot orthotics typically work best in neutral footwear. They can also fit in casual trainers, walking shoes, and boots.

Dress Shoes Orthotics

Custom Dress Shoe Orthotics | Flawless Physio

Our custom dress shoe orthotics are a slim fit to allow for low to moderate support and comfort in a dress or laced shoe. Their slim and narrow design facilitates a snug fit. They can be half, 3/4 or full length to allow for extra space in the toe box.


Orthotics for High Heels

Custom High Heel Shoe Orthotics | Flawless Physio

Our custom fashion flex orthotics are designed for a minimalist fit inside a heeled shoe. They provide low-level support but are extremely slender which makes them discreet inside a narrow shoe while providing some extra comfort.


Golf Orthotics

Golf Insoles | Flawless Physio

Our custom golf orthotics are designed to provide additional support and comfort that is absent in a standard golf shoe. They are a slim fit and provide moderate levels of support alongside extra cushioning for long periods of time on your feet.

Orthotics For Ski Boots

Custom Skiing Orthotics | Flawless Physio

Our custom skiing orthotics are specifically designed for custom or standard ski boots. Their narrow fit and slender design fit perfectly into your boots to provide extra support for a day on the slopes.


Orthotics For Children 

Kids Insoles | Flawless Physio

Our custom children’s orthotics are designed to support all forms of activity. They are extremely durable and their moderate level support and thin shell all these diverse orthotics fit in multiple footwear such as school shoes, running and sport trainers.

How much do custom orthotics cost?

Biomechanical Assessment: £90
Custom Orthotics: £212 (inc 20% Off)

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