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Over Pronation Insoles

Over pronation is a normal movement of the foot that is required to walk or run. It is notoriously known as a movement that leads to foot, ankle, and knee injuries but that is not always the case. Depending on the force and speed of action i.e. running vs walking, there can be greater pronation forces of a person’s foot. A Physical Therapist will look at the force, speed, and amount of pronation force and correlate that to an injury to see if it is relevant. If it is, this is where over-pronation insoles can be beneficial.

The role of over pronation insoles is not to stop the movement of pronation but to help control the speed of the motion. This can be extremely beneficial for conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, and lateral ankle pain.

Best Over Pronation Insoles

The best over pronation insoles have a semi-rigid shell. This base is normally only available in custom-made insoles as the thickness of the shell is made specifically to a person’s height, weight, and pronation forces. To assess this, a biomechanical assessment is required. If the shell is not rigid enough, it will collapse under the pronation force generated by the body and if it is too rigid, it will be uncomfortable and lead to blisters of the foot.Picture of Over pronation insoles

Another important factor to consider for overpronation insoles is a varus tilt on the heel of the insole. This means the tilt on the back of the heel is thicker on the inside than on the outside. As soon as the heel hits the floor, pronation begins at the subtalar joint so a heel wedge can help reduce this immediately. This is something that is not available on an off-the-shelf insole. In severe cases, we may place a deep heel cup in the over-pronation insoles as this gives greater control to the ankle.

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Over Pronation Insoles for Running

Our custom over pronation insoles for running has a semi-rigid shell that allows for shock absorption from the impact of running on concrete or pavements. They don’t collapse under the force of the foot which can be up to 11 times a person’s body weight so if they collapse when you place pressure on them with your thumb then they won’t tolerate running.

They come with a custom heel support and arch height depending on your needs following a 3D Foot Scan and Running Gait Analysis. We recommend a cushioned top cover for comfort and full-length over pronation insoles so they don’t slip in the shoe, causing blisters.

Our custom over-pronation insoles can be made to fit running shoes or trail shoes and are perfect for injury prevention, comfort, and conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and Achilles Tendonitis.

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Over Pronation Insoles for Other Sports

We have custom insoles designed for different sports to help with over pronation. We make specific insoles for Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Crossfit, and hiking. This is important as the weight of a golf shoe insole is different than a cycling shoe or the thickness of a Crossfit insole will need to be different than hiking insoles as they tolerate different forces. A biomechanical assessment of the individual and their sport is considered before we make a custom overpronation insole for your sport.

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How much do Over Pronation Insoles Cost?

Biomechanical Assessment: £105

Custom Orthotics: £212 (inc 20% Off)

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