3 tips to help your running technique and reduce injury
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3 running technique tips to help reduce injury risk


Cadence is how many steps you take in a minute, which is something of much debate. As Physio’s, we we can rely on valid evidence that monitoring cadence can reduce injury risk. To be specific, it has been shown that the optimal step count is 171-80 steps per minute. This can half your risk of an over-use injury such as runners knee, shin splints, Achilles injuries or plantar fasciitis. This can be measured using a watch, apps on your phone or our preference, a milestone pod, which you can connect to your shoe and get tonnes of info.

Standing upright

In the majority of cases we see in clinic we have found that people who have running related injuries are more likely to have a forward lean when they are in midstance (this is when on foot is in complete contact with the floor) than those who are injury free. It is our number one go to, as it is extremely easy to implement. Just imagine someone is pulling a string from the top of your head. The key thing to remember here is not to become super rigid while trying to stay upright. This is a subtle change, stay relaxed, upright and enjoy it.


Tightness at the front of our hips can contribute to a forward lean but it can also have an impact on our ability to contract the muscles at the back of our hips and thighs. Due to the fact the majority of the population have sedentary desk based jobs we face the constant battle of shortening in our hip flexors. Gently actively engaging your glutes while running can help open up your hips, leading to a more upright posture and shorter stride lengths

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