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Welcome to the Flawless Physio Advice Centre. In this section you will find helpful information in a range of formats, from blogs and vlogs to links to our YouTube Channel. Our aim is to help you resolve your symptoms, improve your lifestyle and keep you active. Please feel free to share comments on our social media, ask questions, share our information or contact us for help and guidance.

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Thin Insoles

Custom Thin Insoles We are experts in the creation of custom insoles and gait analysis. Our premium extra thin insoles can be made as narrow as required, as little as 2mm in thickness and half, 3/4, or full length. How are our Extra Thin Insoles Made? Our insoles are designed the meet the contours and…

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Insoles For Shin Splints

Shin splints can occur at the front of the shin (Anterior) or the inner side (posterior) of the shin bone. It is a painful condition that causes pain with activity, Shin splints are primarily caused by repetitive impact activities such as running, hopping, and jumping but they can be also caused by poor foot biomechanics…

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Insoles for Flat Feet

Insoles for flat feet at Flawless Orthotics Flat feet can occur for a number of reasons. Some people with flat feet have a genetic predisposition and are born with flat feet. A trauma injury such a multiple bone breaks or a crush injury can lead to flat feet. Slow progressive weakening of the muscles supporting…

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