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Welcome to the Flawless Physio Advice Centre. In this section you will find helpful information in a range of formats, from blogs and vlogs to links to our YouTube Channel. Our aim is to help you resolve your symptoms, improve your lifestyle and keep you active. Please feel free to share comments on our social media, ask questions, share our information or contact us for help and guidance.

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Exercising with Peroneal Tendonitis

Can I still run with Peroneal Tendonitis? In our extensive clinical experience, we recommend that you do not stop running if you have Peroneal Tendonitis under the following circumstances: If you have pain that comes on and plateaus, it is okay to continue running. After the run, if the pain subsides within 24 hours, this…

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Shin Splints vs Stress Fracture

Key Differences It can be difficult to clinically identify the key differences between Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome) and a Tibial Stress Fracture, as the location of pain is almost identical. The primary difference between shin splints and stress fractures is that shin splints affect the outer layer of the shin bone, causing irritation…

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Midfoot Spain

What is a Midfoot Sprain? Ligaments attach bones to bones to provide stability, and alongside the positional layout of the bones in the midfoot, they provide structural integrity to the midfoot. However, if these ligaments become overstretched through repetitive movement or a sudden twist, it results in a midfoot sprain. The midfoot is the part…

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