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Welcome to the Flawless Physio Advice Centre. In this section you will find helpful information in a range of formats, from blogs and vlogs to links to our YouTube Channel. Our aim is to help you resolve your symptoms, improve your lifestyle and keep you active. Please feel free to share comments on our social media, ask questions, share our information or contact us for help and guidance.

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Capsulitis of the Second Toe

Anatomy There are five toes in the foot, and the second toe is the longest. It plays a vital role in the structural integrity of the foot, and where the 2nd metatarsal meets the phalangeal bone, it is known as a metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ). The MTPJ of the second toe is a hinge joint, and around…

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Sprained Ankle vs Broken Ankle

Key differences between a Sprained Ankle and a Broken Ankle A sprained ankle is the tear of one or more of the ligaments that support the ankle, while a broken ankle is a fracture of one or more of the three bones of the ankle joint. A broken ankle requires immediate immobilisation in a walker boot or cast, while a sprained ankle…

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Knee Pain Location Chart

Knee Pain Above The Patella Supra Patella Bursitis – Quadriceps Tendinopathy Knee Pain Around The Patella Patellofemoral Joint Pain – Prepatellar Bursitis/ Housemaid’s Knee – Chondromalacia Patella – Patella Tracking Disorder – Osteoarthritis – Osteochondral Defect Knee Pain Below The Patella Plica Syndrome – Osteochondritis Dissecans – Osgood-Schlatter – Patellar Tendinopathy/Jumper’s Knee – Infra Patellar…

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